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Why we founded Afyamoto

Our mission is to combine fairly produced African fashion with current styles and to make it accessible to the world. At the top: Fairness and respect in dealing with people and nature. For us, this means in particular paying employees fairly and treating them with respect and on an equal footing.

Traditional fabrics

All items are sewn from traditional Tanzanian fabrics

Fair cooperation

Our employees receive 50% more wages and are treated on an equal footing

Transparent processes

We value honesty and that's why we like to keep an eye on our fingers.

Cultural exchange

We promote African-International economic relations

High-quality materials
for ideal protection

Your mask consists of 2 layers of sturdy Kitenge fabric, which is traditionally used in Tanzania for the manufacture of clothing. These are separated on the inside by a large-mesh nylon net to reduce the build-up of moisture.

Careful processing
made in Tanzania

All of our products are handcrafted in Tanzania.

Here Afyamoto pays more than 50% better wages than usual.

A statement for fairness, sustainability and transparency!

With the purchase of this mask you become part of our movement and change the lives of many people permanently. How it works? Quite simply: We don't keep all the coal to ourselves, but instead give 50% of our profits to building our sustainable value chain, as well as infrastructure & education in Tanzania - sustainably and from within.

Full transparency

We get naked - except for the mask. We think: all or nothing! Therefore, we not only disclose our finances, but also report on our social media channels about our social business and include you in our processes. E.g. when choosing new fabrics. Have you always wanted to know which path a product takes from the idea to market readiness? Then follow us.

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