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Dare to wear the new colors of 2021

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Life is colorful, just like us.

Time to show that too.

Sustainably driven

Sustainability in ecological, economic and social terms. From front to back.

Grass paper packaging

All products at Afyamoto are packed with grass paper. That saves the environment and resources.

Full transparency

We get naked except for the mask - and regularly publish our finances.


All of our products are lovingly made by hand in Tanzania

top quality

Precise processing down to the millimeter. High-quality cotton & pleasantly fluffy ear cords

Real unique items

Each mask shows a different section of a large pattern and is therefore completely unique

Every mask is unique
- Just like you

This is how we do it

All masks are made from original African Kitenge fabric, which we buy specially for this at the market in Tanzania.

The patterns are wildly distributed over the entire length of the fabric, so that each mask is a truly unique piece.

Find out more about our commitment in Africa!