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Our story

"The greatest danger to our earth is the belief that someone else will save it."

Robert Swan

How everything began

We, that's Leon and Katrin, don't want to look away. Instead, we want to take responsibility and be part of the change. With Afyamoto we want to set an example together with you.


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Product Development


Graphic design

An idea is sown

In 2015, Leon fell in love during a volunteer social year in Tanzania.

Because Tanzania, the land of Kilimanjaro, Safari & Zanzibar is a land of diversity:

the contagious joie de vivre, the breathtaking nature and the colorful coexistence immediately cast a spell over him.


But after a short time he saw the dark side of everyday life in Africa.

Every second Tanzanian lives below the poverty line, the education and health system has profound gaps and the unequal treatment of men and women is still commonplace - to name just a few problems.

The idea was born: there had to be a way to found a company that could sustain itself economically and at the same time help the Tanzanian community to make social progress.

An idea grows into a project

Said and done. In 2018, Katrin and Leon, who both share a passion for innovation and sustainability, met at a start-up forum at the University of Bayreuth.

There, together with other fellow students, they set up the oven project “Afyamoto”, Tanzanian for “health and fire”.

The primary goal was to protect the health of the poor Tanzanian population, as some of them still cook with an open fire in closed rooms.

The local economy should be sustainably advanced through innovation by a affordable and safe product that can be produced locally in Tanzania and sold profitably. This project was a good start, but not the solution.

Since Katrin and Leon had found trustworthy business partners in Tanzania, the search for the right product began.

At first the two considered getting started in the tourism industry, but suddenly the corona virus appeared on the global scene. Shortly thereafter, the lockdown and then - the mask requirement.

The penny had fallen: a sustainably and fairly produced mask from Tanzania, sewn from the locally sourced and colorfully patterned Kitenge fabrics, which reflect the multifaceted country so wonderfully.

A project blossoms into a company

The Tanzanian team immediately started developing the product, while Katrin, the creative head of Afyamoto, and Leon, the organizational talent, began developing the brand in Germany.

And then everything happened very quickly. For the pattern of the mask, they decided on a modification of the popular “Burda Style”, as the fit is more comfortable on the face and less air can escape through the sides.

For the protective layers, they used the colorful Kitenge fabric made of 100% cotton, which is widespread in Africa, and an intermediate layer of nylon mesh to reduce moisture build-up.

The cords are extremely soft with an elasticity of 190% and, just like the patches, are made of Ökotex-100 certified fiber.
The mask can not only score with social and sustainable impact, but above all with remarkable comfort and timeless design.

The mask is produced in Tanzania - with Afyamoto's seamstresses 50% more wages Payments are made as is customary in the local area. By offsetting the CO2 emissions through certified CO2-negative activities such as tree-planting projects, shipping remains completely climate-neutral.

50% of Afyamoto's profits go to Tanzania, with which the entire value chain is to be sustainably transformed piece by piece.

Not only that ecological Sustainability included, but also in the long term economic and social Progress within the Tanzanian community, for example with investments in essential infrastructure and education. More about our sustainability goals ...

And now it's your turn!

We are very pleased that you have read on to this point. It's crazy when you consider how many small events in your and our life have lined up so that exactly you now sits in front of the screen and reads our story and our motives. We think that's a nice thought.

If you want to support us in our mission, tell friends and family, support our social media channels and leave us feedback. We thank you for this from the bottom of our hearts!

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