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Sustainability = ecological, economical & social

Houston, we have a problem - and: Why is it all of our NOW?

Let's face it.

We are facing the greatest challenges of our time. Corona has shaken our society disruptively, is a danger and an opportunity at the same time. D.enn: Global climate change is a reality and is noticeably changing our living space. Forest fires, heat waves and floods are becoming more common around the world.

Scientists warn: Without immediate action, global warming will likely be more than 2 ° C compared to pre-industrial levels by 2060 - it could even reach 5 ° C by the end of the century.

Big goals, little action!

Despite the major goals set by the international community in 2015, we made hardly any progress in terms of climate protection.

Sustainability is a joint effort by various actors from politics, science and business - right through to the actions of each individual.

We want to take responsibility and find alternative solutions for a safe, peaceful and just coexistence and a secure future as part of our work.


Let's put the ECO back into the Economy!

Our approach:

Ecological sustainability cannot be achieved without social sustainability

Climate crisis vs social crisis -
The 2030 Agenda

Paradoxically, it is often minority groups that are hardest hit by the effects and environmental damage. Episode? A vicious circle of further inequality arises. Climate change and development deficits are therefore interrelated.

In order to permanently secure the foundations and chances of human existence, we have to think globally and comprehensively. The 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda, the so-called SDG's (= Sustainable Development Goals), are an example of exemplary international cooperation.

We base our actions on the principles of this mission statement and would like to encourage more companies to do the same.

The Rising Tide Floats All Boats

Sustainability is complex and depends to a large extent on social infrastructures and the cohesion of society. It takes a holistic, integrative approach.

It has been proven that a more inclusive society leads to an improved society for all, not just minorities. The benefits are peace, economic prosperity, general well-being, and decision-making.

We believe in a future in which everyone can participate in public life - regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age, disability, etc.


Sustainability driven

We pursue a holistic, integrative sustainability strategy

manual work

Slow Fashion> Fast Fashion

Green packaging

We use sustainable packaging made from grass paper.

Transparent processes

We get naked - except for the mask!

More than just a mask

Your mask is made CO2-neutral because it is sewn by hand. We ship climate-neutral - with CO2 compensation and use FSC-certified packaging. Our cords are OEKOTEX-100 certified and are subject to the Global Recycled Standard certification.

Reusable instead of disposable

Put an end to the one-way masquerade that is now cavorting on our pavements. We want to encourage people to wear reusable, washable masks. This avoids waste and secures resources in medical products that are urgently needed elsewhere.

Apart from the fact that you just look better with our mask!


Packaging material made from grass paper

The choice of packaging material is one of the most important levers when it comes to sustainability in eCommerce.

Conventional cardboard is made of wood, which covers an average of around 4,000 kilometers before it arrives at the paper mill.

The special thing about grass paper is the regional origin of the raw material. In contrast to wood, grass is a rapidly growing raw material and can be obtained from compensation areas in the region.

All benefits at a glance         

  • Industrial water consumption of less than 2 liters per ton of grass fiber
  • Energy savings of up to 97% at approx. 137 kW / h per ton of grass fiber
  • CO² reduction of up to 75%

You have to start somewhere

Our goal is to make the entire value chain sustainable.

We know there is still a long way to go before we are completely sustainable. At the same time, we are determined to take the complicated away, wherever it leads us.

Our goals

Sustainable packaging


Green hosting


CO2-neutral customer shipping


Kitenge made of organic cotton

Digital office


B Company

Climate-neutral delivery route from
Tanzania to Germany


Travel avoidance & remote work

Environmentally friendly printing processes


Further certifications

Partnership with afforestation organization


Vegan diet

Have we forgotten something?
Can you think of any other goals that we should definitely pursue?

Just write us a message on Facebook!

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